Monday, January 17, 2011

Bucket List Continued . . .

Continuing my bucket list which is essentially random acts of kindness . . .

29. Aided a lady in a wheelchair. She was waiting for someone to pick her up and was going to be by herself late at night at the airport. So we stayed with her until her daughter arrived.
30. Picked up a package that an elderly lady dropped. (And yes, I gave it back to her.)
31-32. Shared my play-doh with several kid-os. My sister gave me a 50 pack for my 50th birthday. 
33. Smiled at a stranger in the grocery store.
34. Helped cook a birthday dinner for a friend. I made double chocolate brownies, and Aloo Ghobi.
35. Cooked dinner for some friends.
36-38. Shared some recipes with some friends.
39. Made grits for a party. It was requested.
40. Made soup for someone who moved.