Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New work for Margaret Harwell Art Museum

On June 6, 2015, I will have a solo show at the Margaret Harwell Art Museum Show, or MHAM, in Poplar Bluff, MO. It has been sometime since I have spent much time in the studio due to our move from Warrensburg to Kansas City. It is done and we are settling in now. It is time to get busy! Watch for my progress. And please mark your calendars! Hope to see you there Bootheel peeps.


P.S. Here is the beginning to a new painting for MHAM in PB, MO. Watch for the progression. More to come.

Beginning . . .

Friday, May 30, 2014

Framed Art Works for Hang at Arcadian Moon Winery and Vineyard

In the past two days, I have framed 12 new pieces for Arcadian Moon. (Have I mentioned how I hate, (yes hate, I do know that is a strong word,) framing. Every piece of lint and hair from 6 counties shows up under the glass. It is a personal problem . . . I suppose . . . and I should buck up and shut up. They do look great by the way.)

Sorry for the glare. Better pics to come later.

The new show hangs June 4, at Arcadian Moon. Stay tuned. Please come see us at Arcadian Moon.

Cheers to Friday,

Monday, April 7, 2014


My recent triptych, "Metamorphosis I, II, & III" sold to a dear friend and avid art collector. I will miss them dearly, but they are traveling to a good home. They are headed to warmer waters. Jealous.

But on a serious note, when someone buys your art, it validates what you do and allows you to continue on doing what you love. Trust me, selling art is not an easy task, but when it does sell, I feel loved and confirmed for what I believe in doing. I love to create and appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for buying art. Mine or anyone else's.


New Artist at Arcadian Moon Winery

Photographer, Debbie Wilson is the new featured artist at Arcadian Moon now through the end of May 2014. Wilson has a unique eye for finding the unusual, patterns, texture, and color in her extensive travels around the world. These photo compositions are available for purchase. A reception will be held soon. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, please visit Arcadian Moon and take a peek at her work. Tell them I sent you.



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Omaha. Om...a...ha. Omaha Arts: A Trip Worth Taking.

Traveled to Omaha, Nebraska for the first time last week and I wanted to check out the Omaha art scene, Old Market and downtown. After doing some research on where to go and what to see, I wandered into the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. It was a cold, nasty day and I was enthusiastically greeted and given some wonderful insight into the Mel Ziegler Exhibit, An American Conversation. She explained he was a Tennessee artist with a little  of his background info, and that he was definitely someone to watch. She also gave me insight on what else to see and more importantly, where to eat lunch.

As she was speaking, I turned the handout over and I noticed that Sikeston, MO and Grayridge, MO were two of the places that Ziegler had stopped and photographed while creating this body of work. (See photo 4.) In his exhibit were 6 photos of cropland lit by a large mobile lighting system that he traveled with and used to light the crops at night. (See photo 5&6.) This was such a familiar scene for me, the same images I had experienced driving home every night of my adult life, and seeing fields lit by my headlights. (This reflects, [no pun intended] my linear connection that is portrayed in much of my art.)

This made me feel comfortable. At home! I was exciting that someone shared my connection to where I had grown up and made a connection to the the crop fields and horizon that I was accustomed to admiring all my life until the last few years. (My work has almost always displayed my love of the horizon. I am tied to this view and need to see sky. It is ingrained and yes I miss that.) Ziegler and I had a connection and ironically that was the basis for his work: He traveled extensively throughout the United States and worked on multiple projects that comment or rather illuminate the cultural similarities and differences from our diverse American lifestyles. The piece I felt best represented his statement was Rock Hard Individualism. (See photo 2.) As a lifelong rock collector, I was awed by the simplistic use of rock to create the outline of the United States and at the same time each individual rock showed the polarization and separation that is prevalent in our country today. We are a whole entity when we are entwined, but we are tremendously divided within that same realm. Uncanny how we are growing so divided. Needless to say . . . it spoke to me.

Another exhibit at the Bemis included six Kansas City artists. Sum of Us, was curated by PLUG Projects and highlights works by Miki Baird, Marcie Miller Gross, Shawn Bitters, Marcus Cain, Kelly John Clark, and Barry Anderson. Photo number six shows a detail of Marcus Cain's painting that I was particularly drawn to in this exhibit. According to the show statement, this show features  "multimedia work [that] explores the relationship of the part to the whole."

Heading to Nebraska in February was not my idea getaway, but between the art, the wonderful people I met, and the food and drink, I will go back and advise you to take a trip there sometime soon. You will be undoubtedly surprised with what Omaha has to offer. I was.

Here are a few pics...

1. Lumber Jack Humor on Our Trip North:)

2. Incredible Statement Piece by Mel Ziegler, Rock Hard Individualism

3. Selfie Reflected on the Sikeston, MO Cotton Field Photo. 

4. Sikeston and Grayridge, MO Crop Photos Tags.

5. Illuminated Agrarian Landscapes 

6. Detail of Painting of Kansas City Artist Marcus Cain Represented by Sherry Leedy.

7. Drive home from Omaha.