Bucket List Continued . . .

Here is my continued "remember to do good bucket list because it is the right thing to do and I am having a substantial birthday!" Still searching for a  good name. Had a great suggestion last time, but unfortunately, ma'am, I am no "angel."

Here is my list for the last few days:
8. Gave some fresh rosemary to a friend.
9. Sent a belated birthday wish to a 100-year-old. Dear dear lady by the way :)
10. Sharing a textbook with someone who is a budding artist.
11. Kept baby for a mommy needing a haircut and some time away.
12. Stopped to help a stranded female motorist.
13. Made homemade chicken soup for a sick friend.
14. Made chocolate spiders for a Halloween party. Ooh scary! Boo!!!


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