Best Ideas When Walking . . . Or Sometimes When in the Shower.

I am going to share a bit today about myself: been a bit stressed this week, not sure why, but felt I did not accomplish enough each day, (you know that Puritan work ethic that bites us sometimes.) So I went for a walk in the neighborhood and soaked up Fall colors, met a few neighbors, and came home to shower. More sharing. While in the shower, I began to think about my upcoming birthday, (big one!) and that milestone.

First a bit of background, this summer while visiting with cousins similar to my age, we discussed the Bucket List that is popular today for monumental birthdays or for a upcoming unfortunate demise as in the movie, Bucket List. My cousins were making lists of places that they wanted to visit, skills they wanted to learn, and adventures they wanted to take. All good things, right? But I wanted to do something different. You know me.

So back to my shower . . . as I am rinsing the conditioner from my hair, I realized I had 30 days before I hit that big one. Once again, more sharing . . . I thought, "I need a bucket list! I need to do something everyday for a month. I am running out of time . . . Om my gosh . . . But as I continued to think about this list, a light bulb went off. Rather than doing things only for my pleasure, I should do things for others and give back because that always makes me feel better anyway." Yes,  my bucket list is to be random acts of kindness.

So here I go . . . I have given myself this challenge. For the next 30 days, I will post the random acts along with a few things that I do for myself, after all it is my birthday.

If you want, you can do this too. If you do, please post on the comments section of this page or Facebook. Let's have some fun. Let do some good. We will call this our "Bucket List of Being Good & Kind" until I think of a something better :)

Stay tuned.


1. Introduced myself to 2 neighbors.
2. Picked up trash along the road.


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