Monday argggggggghhh . . .

Monday argggggghhhhhhhhh . . . started good, but around 2:00, after I finished a couple of pieces I had been working on . . .I moved one piece and dropped another. I remind you I am upstairs in the loft, right, so then the smaller painting drops to the floor, that's okay, no damage, but then decides to fall further down the fisrt step, the second step, then the third and it hangs in limbo there for a momnet, I grab but just miss catching it, it falls sloooooowwwwww motionnnnnnn from the stairs and on to the table down on the bottom floor, misses the lamp, the couch, misses the chair but freaking lands on my macbook! Arrrgghhhhh. Trashes my lcd screen. Doyou know how expensive and new screen is for a freaking MAC? 

Gonna make a positive out of a negative.

Stay tuned. 


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