Images for "Everything Changes."

Art Work Donation for "Everything Changes:" Remembering Sarah

Hey Chris,

Here are the images for my art donation to "Everthing Changes" in Denver. (Facebook link) Monday, I will put it in the mail. Please remind me where I need to send this. I have a few things to do to finish the piece this weekend. Varnish, wire, etc.

# 78 is a detail and #75 is the actual piece. We have Indigo Buntings that live with us in the summer after wintering in Central America, etc. One day last week, we had at least a dozen jumping around in the yard. This is their dance. So beautiful and tiny.

Mixed Media on Raw Canvas
"Indigo Dance"
May 09

Good luck and best wishes for a fabulous event,

Teresa Dirks
Bernie, MO

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