From start to finish . . .the process

From start to finish . . .the process takes time and deliberation. When I start a painting, I have an idea, but my idea sometimes becomes, what a friend calls, a "happy accident." The concept or idea you start with . . . does not always end being the product you end with in any creative process. This is the journey of creativity. The known meeting the unknown.

Here is the process for the slideshows above:
1. -Begin with the custom built frame. Thanks Dave :)
2. -Measure the canvas, mark the canvas, cut the canvas, and stretch the canvas with canvas pliers(which is hard on my hands as I get older.)Corners are sometimes challenging with thicker canvas materials.
3. -Then I am ready to approach the empty canvas. As you can see in slide show, I use graphite and chalk in the process. Sometimes this medium is more prominent than others.
4. -I then decide on the colors to use. This changes with the development. It is a process of feeling for me. The colors have to work and complete each other. Make sense?
5. -First brush of color, ahhhhh, this is were it gets real.
6. -I continue adding paint, graphite, and chalk to achieve the desired feeling and effect. (Many times I move paint with a cloth or my fingers. Brushes are so overrated.) Controlling color uses the science of da brain. Colors do different things to our thoughts. Simply amazing and primal.

7. -Next time to stand back and think . . . this happens a lot. I always taught my students to close their eyes and empty their thoughts. Then open their eyes and take a fresh look at the composition. A fresh look sometimes helps to problem solve. This step of the creative process usually takes days of looking and re-looking. Really can make you crazzzy-rrrr if it does not go well.
8. -Next step is placement of other paper, yarn and materials. This takes days also. It has to be right. Processing, problem-solving, and creativity come to a head.
9. -After the screaming is over, gluing the matierals onto the canvas takes place.
10. -The canvas now needs to be sealed next.
11. -Wiring takes place after the sealing and drying.
12. -Still not done yet. Now I decide a name, then photograph or document the art for publication.

One thing I forgot to mention, this creative process takes A LOT of chocolate, music, and coffee. Mainly coffee . . .


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